Beaumont Silent Children FundBeaumont Silent Children
Beaumont's Center for Childhood Speech and Language Disorders was established in 1972 to help children with speech and language disorders learn to communicate. As one of the largest hospital-based children's speech and language centers in the United States, they provide a variety of specialty care programs for children with speech and language disorders such as:

  • Developmental aspasia
  • Receptive language disorders
  • Expressive language disorders
  • Developmental apraxia
  • Developmental dyspraxia
  • Articulartion disorder
  • Pragmatic disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Down syndro

The Lions and Lioness Clubs provide support for children in need through the Beaumont Silent Children's Speech Fund.

A Special Thank You

"We found the Lions and Lioness Clubs when we had nowhere to turn for help. Now our son, Daniel, is beginning to make headway towards speaking that he wasn't able to make before he started speech and language therapy at Beaumont Hospital. For this reason we feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity you have given our son. Thanks for your kindness, and keep up the good work."  -- Parents of Daniel